Travis Crowther

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Travis was born and raised in rural northern Utah where from the time he was young, he was painting and drawing. Surviving a baseball size eye tumor when he was 2 years old, they did not find out that he was legally blind without glasses until the second grade.

Thus having missed his first year of learning to read, he found acceptance and success in art through his early years.  From there he grew and developed academically and artistically receiving The Outstanding Scholastic Award in Art in college.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Weber State University and his MFA from Utah State University.

He taught art for 27 years while being a professional artist.  There he touched the lives of many young artists.  He designed and built his own home and helped to restore an 1890’s building into an art studio where he does most of his work.

His goal is to capture a moment of inspiration on canvas that will lift the viewer to greater heights of thought and help recall a memory from the viewer’s past.  He uses an impressionistic technique to capture light and atmosphere that gives an illusion of realism from a distance.