Tim (TJ) Thompson

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TJ, the Painter of Horses and the people they own, is a self taught, versatile artist that has been creating art for over 30 years. Known for his ability to capture ordinary lives and routine moments with a thought provoking message, his paintings are his inner voice placed on canvas. He does this in a way so that others may see, feel and participate with him in the telling of the story.

Tim’s versatility is apparent in his work, from creating heirloom quality portraits to original western/wildlife art. Spending time with his subjects and working from high quality photographs, the finished portrait he creates captures not only a person’s likeness but their personality as well. One collector’s quote summarizes it well “His artwork is truly unique as well as his ability to capture simple everyday life in a way that is truly romantic yet masculine.”

Tim feels the title of his paintings should be more than just a “tag” but give the viewer some diminutive insight of the story he is telling. His father plays a large role in naming each piece, Often multi meaning and humorous.