Sandy Harris Murphy

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Sandy Harris Murphy strides beyond the mundane, the ordinary, by combining precious and semi-precious metals with unusual stones in contemporary and stunningly eclectic designs that are a welcome alternative to the jewelry connoisseur with a definitive style.

Design, stones and metals combine to transcend their value.

The true value of this convincingly unique collection is in the expression of individuality.

“My design vocabulary encompasses a wide range of techniques and influences: organic shapes and textures; smooth sinuous lines and curves juxtaposed with angles; tribal African designs and motifs - all products of my travels and experiences.

The relationship between the materials - metals and stones - fascinates me. I love to explore color and texture complimented by shape and angle of design.

By intuitively steering away from the traditional concepts of jewelry, my designs allow the wearer to express their individuality in a way that is both wearable and definitively sculptural.

My jewelry designs are carefully handcrafted - ageless demands of sophistication and elegance meet bold and daring.”