Roxanne Bryan

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I am a native of Arizona. My great-grandparents were Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians from Oklahoma who migrated to Arizona.  I’m not sure if my traveling bug is hereditary or due to circumstance, however, I have moved frequently throughout Arizona, which has contributed to this wanderlust deep within my soul. From as far back as I can remember arts and crafts have always been at the forefront of my life.  I remember coloring with my mother as a child, drawing girls in long dresses in school, then decorating my home and cakes, sewing for my children, working as a florist and taking numerous art classes.  As I grew older, I learned to be a pretty good photographer and I realized that I loved learning and I loved art in many different forms. Actually art seemed to pursue me throughout my life … searching for and finding beauty has been my quest.

I gained my classical training as an oil painter from the Milan Art Institute.  I was a student and apprentice to John & Elli Milan, international artists and teachers. I also worked and taught at the Milan Art Institute.  When the Milan’s planned their inaugural art trip to Greece, I was first in line.  I love to travel, meet new people, learn their unique history and connect with other cultures.  When I’m not traveling, my home is in the Valley of the Sun aka Gilbert, Arizona.