Ross Masur

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Ross Mazur was born and raised in Chicago. After receiving a scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute, he enjoyed a 20 year career as a photographer in the furniture industry. During this time he introduced many innovative techiniques still in use today. In 1971 Ross launched a new career as a full-time artist, collaborating with his wife, Marcia, making clay wall sculptures.

In 1980, Marcia attended a workshop in paper making that would forever change their work. Together, they developed a new concept: a unqiue wall sculpture in hand-made paper. This new concept evolved into a number of styles, many of which he still uses today. Marcia retired in 1997, and since her tragic passing in 2004 Ross' work has continued to mature. This past year has taken him to new realms of texture and color.

During the 35 years of doing what he loved he has delved into many styles of expression: from photography, to clay and metal sculpture, representational and abstract painting to designing southwest furniture. But for Ross, designing paper sculptures, and working with the tactile aspect of the paper itself, has been his life's dream.

"It's an exciting thought what tomorrow may bring. I am surely blessed knowing that today I am doing what I truly love."
Ross Mazur