Paul Sirba

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Paul Sirba comes to you from Minneapolis, Minnesota where all the adventures in the field of woodworking started. Paul was introduced to wood carving at the very young age of 12. He always been intrigued by the magnificent architecture of the cathedrals in Europe. He has studied abroad in Europe and Asia carefully observing the styles, mastering and incorporating them into his own, original works of art.

Paul comes from a strong, ancestral lineage of craftsmen. From a young age he was apprentice to his mother who was a master cabinet maker. Paul’s mother, seeing he had a natural gift and potential for woodworking, sent him for further instructions from the best artists around. At age 15, Paul was introduced to the art of woodcarving under the careful tutelage of the world renowned, master woodcarver from Greece-Konstantinos Papadakis. Over the next 16 years, Paul went from student to master and worked side by side with Konstantinos on a plethora of magnificent wood carving projects. From Iconastasis altars to wine cellar doors, these carvings have beautifully adorned and graced the interiors of many churches and homes around the country.

The manner in which Paul operates is very unique and rare for these days. There is no computer or CNC related milling of the carvings. He adheres closely to the centuries old techniques and methods of hand drafting and hand held carving gouges. He creates cuts, curves and detail in the carvings with these tools-each gouge having it’s own custom purpose.

In the more recent years, Paul has created many new works catering to ideas of fellow artists and interior decorators of the modern age. He uses his God give talent of vision and authenticity along with his knowledge and experience to recreate and keep alive the traditions and secrets of woodcarving.

Paul hopes to keep alive the beauty of the authentic styles of our forefathers that adorned and added so much magnificence to the world and thus making it a more magnificent place. But he also wants to keep alive the traditional aspects of the master woodcarver in the modern times yet share this talent with the world in a creative experience in the art of woodcarving. Enjoy!