Pat Stacy

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While Pat had first worked toward purely abstract compositions, her paintings evolved to include symbols and spiritual imagery. “I intuitively knew from my experiences that there are many realities I do not see,” Pat says, “and my art began to touch viewers at a deeper level. I would have people see my work at a show and tell me that they felt something powerful emanating from the imagery—or that they found an   energy in my booth.”

Pat’s subject matter draws from or is inspired by ancient and native cultures. Some of the symbols in her work come directly from native art, while others are her own creations, an artistic mythology that helps Pat convey her artistic vision to viewers.

Over time, she has developed a symbolic language which she uses in her work. It is her hope that the viewer will develop interpretations of the symbols and make them their own.”

Pat’s current body of work is done on four wooden panels held together with dowels. She calls this type of piece a “Quadruvium”, meaning a crossroads where four roads meet. Pat creates the heavily textured or glossy paintings by building up layers of acrylic paint and employs crackling techniques to give the surfaces depth.

Pat Stacy has developed a strong following for her work. She is a juried artist and shows her work in galleries in Arizona and Utah.  She has collectors across the nation and internationally as well.