Michael Charveaux

Michael Charveaux is well known for his use of free flowing organic styles of jewelry in silver, gold and bronze using the same lost wax /jewelry casting methods that have been in use for millennia.

Being a native of the desert Southwest, Michael has learned to see designs and textures in many objects the desert offers , such as the delicate curving patterns of something as simple as the undulating  sand dunes in S.W. Arizona or the intricate lattice work of Cholla cactus ribs  or even the the free flowing patterns of a Monsoon lightning bolt shooting down to the desert floor.

 Michael incorporates the use of these design ideas and textures with natural gemstones, pearls, natural gemstone crystals and found objects such as old hand made iron nails and ancient coins into some of his one of a kind jewelry designs.

Michael feels there is a deep underlying beautiful bond that connects all endeavors of Artistic expression be it from creating jewelry to playing music or even piloting an aerobatic airplane 

Michael gives so much of his credit and inspiration to his father who was and still is a world class master jeweler who taught him to see the hidden beauty in all things and to look deeper than just the surface.