Marlan Masteller

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‘I grew up in a small town of Iowa. After studying art in Minneapolis, I took off for California. This was the height of the 60’s – long hair, love beads and peace, man! Now that was a life changing transition to say the least! I have traveled throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. and seen and heard many unusual and amazing things.

After sixty years of going through life’s passages, I am blessed with my wife, Terri, two wonderful children, and a neurotic golden retriever. My occupation is owning a Midwest corporate art source, but my passion lies in bringing pictures to life. Most of my ideas come from sifting through antique magazines and books, as well as my own photography.

After spending hundreds of hours drawing my characters, I feel really close to them. Call me crazy, but sometimes I can almost hear them speak to me. I hope you can feel the life in my art as much as I enjoy creating it.’

Technique and intricate use of shadows combine with a craftsman’s sense of making a statement in artist Marlan Masteller’s work; “I want people to relate and be moved emotionally by what I draw.”

Born and raised in Iowa, Masteller received his formal training at the School of Associated Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota, but his travels in Europe, Mexico and around the United States provide experience for his continuing studies. The emphasis of his style lies in the detail. The fine wire touches of the rapidograph pen cross-hatch layer upon layer, giving depth and a photographic keenness to his work. An excess of 100 hours is not uncommon in Masteller’s application. Marlan has been selling his original art for more that 30 years with sales made through his own studio in Clear Lake, Iowa.