Lori Thompson

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Lori Thompson was born and raised in rural Illinois and married TJ Thompson in 1984. Shortly after they married they moved to Kalispell, Montana and discovered their love for the west. They currently reside in Cortez Colorado, have a cabin in New Mexico and spend the winters working in Arizona.

Lori enjoys and was raised to respect the great outdoors. When other kids were mowing lawns for some spending money she would be out checking traps before school and going to the fur buyers on the corner of her little town to sell furs. Her love of hunting and fishing and just plain adoring the outdoors has lead her to see beauty in everything around her. Lori's creativity comes from the very creation itself and also being married to an artist for over 34 years helps.

Lori is the primary designer and builder of unique frames called “Fractured Frames”. Her other love is mix media sculpting. Creating unique pieces of art to stimulate the art world is a never ending pleasure.