Lori Myers

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Lori began her studies in art at Southern Oregon State College and then moved to Phoenix to complete a degree in Interior Design at Scottsdale Community College. While attending college she worked for Flood Studios where she assisted in the process in of creating custom glazed tile. After finishing college she worked for several years in the design field before beginning her career in painting.

From early childhood Lori has always had an interest in art , she spent many hours recreating illustrations from story books and comics. Then as a teenager she turned her bedroom into a stained glass studio and floral shop. This passionto express herself creatively finally found a home with the paint brush. With lessons from Ed Horan and Joni Bruder she found paintingto be a medium that would provide direction for her art and full fill her passionas a artist.

Lori's paintings are a reflection of many influences. Her passion for travel, love of color, her response to architectural elements in the environment andthe movement of lightacross an object.

Lori showed with the'' Celebration of Fine Art ''from 1999-2004 and with the "Fine Art Expo" from 2005-to present. Her art works hangs in both private and corporate collections.