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Loretta Musgrave

Loretta wandered the back roads of Arizona with her father, George Linn until he found that country ranch and farm tucked in the foothills of South Mountain in the Valley of the Sun. She was assigned to care for the sick and injured animals, a project that provided her with quiet models for her drawing. At age seven she won a state art competition, which included a small amount of money. Delighted, she began to draw for the local ranchers. They demanded perfection; hard taskmasters but perfect training for the young artist.

Packing a Bachelor of Fine Art/specialty in painting degree into three years, her talents were reward with Arizona State University’s Moore Award for Excellence. With her new husband, she again wandered small town Arizona painting thirty foot signs on buildings and portraits of the wife of the local mayor and friends. Loretta learned the marketing skills needed to create a lifelong career in art. For many years she served as Vice President of Arizona Cowboy Artists.