Kris Miller

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My abstract and figurative images represent the freedom of unconfined spaces, inexact lines, an expressions of subjectivity which create curiosity, unleash imagination, and stir up emotions. I use meshed, muted, colors and physical paint gestures channeled by my physical energy and mental focus creating color and dimensional transitions. I compare the flow of the paint to the flow of life.

A blank canvas is daunting. The excitement of working with a variety of paint materials, brush gestures, and color compositions that transform into visual sensations and invite the viewer to look and look again, each time finding a new sensation within their creative senses.

Working as a Professor of ESL and Culture Diversity in Nebraska, Florida, and Colorado for 15+ years, I painted as a diversion from academics. I found that the relationship between my own personal transformation and the ever-changing properties of paint materials in the abstract expressive style offered me a creative connection between my cognitive and affective world. Most critical was experiencing the language and culture diversity of many artistic international students who profoundly tapped my creativity as I created symbolic and representational images on canvas.

Each of my paintings tell a story of my personal experience using a non-verbal medium. I paint as a process toward the final image. Using traditional and non-traditional methods. I scrape, layer, wipe, splatter, spray, rub, pour, tip and tilt, scribble, splatter, smooth, and spontaneous gestures that just happen. It's messy and wonderful. In other words, I listen to the mysterious magic of my inner voice. For me, each piece of work is a piece of my creative spirit sometimes unexplained.

I don't think artwork needs to be over analyzed. It is to enjoy and create conversation. How a painting is interpreted is up to the viewer's connection to the image. Enjoy a piece of art for what it is for the time that you want to spend with it. Move art around, put it away, get it out next year, find compatible work to surround it and make your own story.

I like color and non traditional ways of applying it to a canvas.

I find painting is a mind focus of pleasure. Time slips away.

I paint to be alone with myself enjoy flow of paint and the mess.

I paint to see what becomes of the a blank canvas. It is a transformative process similarly to life itself.

I paint because it gives me a purposeful happiness.

I paint abstract because I want others to feel the enjoyment of

nonconformity and the independence of defending your art choices.

I paint hoping for myself and others to sense the power of finding their own enjoyment of creativity.

I paint to continue my own positive energy of transformation.

a personal creative, a path to self-discovery.

I paint to learn to see the world from different perspective.

Painting never is boring, frustrating yes.

Painting invites people into my life for conversation and critical thought.

Painting invites me to learn and study about other artists and their motivation.

I am fascinated by genius of the “master” artists.

Painting is risk taking which ask you to put your soul out there.

Creating is a necessary piece of my dimension.