Kevin & Wendy Schaefer-Miles

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The husband and wife painting team of Kevin D. Miles and Wendy Schaefer-Miles is unique in the art world. They are two artists with one vision, working side-by-side on the same canvas.

This talented couple met in Florida and married in 1987. Wendy, a Wisconsin native, and daughter of a dairy farmer, longed to return home. When her father retired in 1988, the couple moved to Wisconsin and purchased his farm, maintaining several buildings for use as a studio and gallery.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Trempealeau County, just north of Whitehall, their farm is in one of the least populated areas of the state. This retreat allows them the solitude to be creative. Although they are represented by the largest privately-owned gallery in the U.S., the artists established a gallery of their own on the farm. It is open to the public and contains a rotating collection of their original oil paintings and fine art editions.

Their collaborative works have been displayed in some of the nation's largest galleries alongside such noted artists as Peter Max, Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Rembrandt. The Wisconsin Foundation for the Arts selected Schaefer/Miles as their commissioned artists in 2003. This prestigious honor afforded them the opportunity to hang one of their elegant oil paintings in the governor's mansion. It has been placed in the permanent collection of Madison's Elvehjem Museum.

The couple attributes their phenomenal success to the joy and love they have for their craft. "We've been blessed to share our passion for painting, and we're more excited about it now than when we started. Our work has become bolder, more colorful, and hopefully more engaging to the viewer."

The myth of the tortured artist struggling in isolation does not apply here.

Husband and wife painting team Wendy Schaefer-Miles and Kevin D. Miles are a unique phenomenon in the art world. Married in 1987 this talented couple began their collaboration a year later.

The public's acceptance of the artists' unique working arrangement was immediate. The artists' works have been in great demand. Their vivid landscapes have captured the imagination of collectors around the world. Last year alone this prolific team painted and sold over 100 original oils. An amazing feat considering the amount of time the artists commit to traveling.

Wendy and Kevin's inspiration comes directly from nature. Their paintings are a travelogue inspired by beauty.