Ken Borchardt

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Self-taught and self-trained, Ken Borchardt practices both the direct and modeling methods of sculpting using a variety of media including exotic hardwoods, ceramic, stone, and bronze.

Ken has created the “Mother’s Nature Series”, which consists of five different limited edition bronzes that were inspired by his love for nature and other universal themes such as professional and personal relationships, and the importance of relaxing and enjoying life. The fanciful, freeform figures are positioned on a spherical earth and are infused with the artist’s sense of whimsy.

Currently, Ken is exploring the human figure in abstract forms. Some are bold and geometric and others have sinuous, flowing lines. “I try to give an impression of energy or emotion through the structure and form of each sculpture.’ He successfully blends organic, realistic and abstract elements into a cohesive whole.

Ken is noted for his variety of patina application techniques, creating a diverse range of patina effects for his bronzes. His distinct patinas give each sculpture an essence that is separate from its shape – they draw the viewer into the piece, allowing him or her to experience it emotionally as well as intellectually.