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Kathy Parks

Kathy creates contemporary and abstract imagery saturated with color, layered with multiple marks, tangled with movement and intricately textured.  Her work is comprised of organic feeling, abstracted natural forms and geometric shapes.  They convey a sense of landscape, flora and fauna without the details of conventional painting or sculpting.

Being a native of Arizona has had quite an influence on her work.  She feels that the desert provides a delectable selection of contrasts... in texture, color and wildlife. It also makes one acutely aware of the delicate and precious balance of life. Currently, Kathy is fascinated with the connection between life, death, nature and all that is shared even at the smallest molecular level. 

Kathy’s formal art training comes rooted with the good fortune to have had a mother that did not believe in TV nor store bought toys. This lack of structured play opened the door to many hours of thinking “outside the box” and creative play. Art, in its many forms, has been her emotional life vest and it is now what she throws to others struggling to stay afloat. A self-taught artist, she has worked with many art mediums and each one has contributed to the strength of the other. As a rancher’s daughter, the process of working with her hands to express herself is the fuel that feeds her soul and the enrichment of sharing art with others is the door that keeps it open.