Jason Piper

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Jason Piper graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Advertising and an Associates in Graphic Design. With a love for creating, in computers/graphic design, photography, etc., Jason branched out from his hometown ties, to experience the world. It was here, in his travels, where he found such beauty and diversity, while experiencing new countries, cultures and people. His new passion of freedom and independence, found through his travels led him to be a freelance photographer. After 30+ years of traveling abroad, he has accumulated a massive collection of world photography, which he has shared and sold to many. At the same time Jason never deserted the love of hands on creativity, where he painted contemporary acrylics and participated in juried art shows across the nation for over 15 years. Currently Jason combines his numerous years of experiences into his work of encaustics. He focuses on large organic contemporary designs. Jason is a dedicated artist that can be found passionately and endlessly working in his Colorado studio.

” I am a simple artistic expressionist. I purely paint from the heart, with loose concepts and visions of what the final outcome should be. I paint encaustic abstracts which include a variety of techniques and mediums, such as, acrylic paints, alcohol inks, oil pastes, metallics, pigments, as well as gold and silver leaf. The laborious technique of heating and cooling the wax and adding pigments, transforms each piece into a unique layered and textured dimensional art piece. Due to the uniqueness of working with heat and wax, the work ultimately looks like the unrestrained concept that I envisioned.Most always greater and more spectacular than I expected. The final outcome is something organic, without boundaries and literally free-flowing. I consider each finished piece an accurate reflection of my insight”.