Jane Boggs

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Gourd Artist Jane Boggs started calling Cave Creek, Arizona her home in 1995.  Although she spiritually feels she has been there her entire life.  When she and her husband John purchased their Pueblo style home in the serene Sonoran desert, Jane knew she had finally come home.

Art has always been a part of Jane’s  life but when she discovered gourds, there was an instant connection!  She began combining her fascination with the Native American Indian and African cultures with this wonderful newly emerging organic art medium:  The Gourd.   Although, most of her work is done in a southwest style, occasionally a contemporary or abstract piece will emerge. To be able to offer art in a unique way with such a different medium was the perfect challenge that would become one of the main focuses of her life.

Each new gourd that is created has a story and a life of its own.  Jane truly feels that if you are receptive the gourd will actually tell you what it wants to be.  The awakening begins when she prepares the gourd by scrubbing the outside surfaces to reveal its true colors and contours. She feels the piece at this stage and begins sketching the design in her mind that will transform it into what she refers to as her “gourdian spirit” art piece.

As she etches the designs into the gourd using a pyro-graphic technique, her hands expertly control the depth and style of each engraved stroke.  She then applies the tan and maroon-colored leather dyes that complement the surface; then she adds stains, inks and acrylics that will bring forth her vision into reality. She finishes her work, depending upon the piece, with exotic feathers, leathers, precious stones, copper, natural reeds and grasses, which give each piece their truly original look.

Jane’s home studio, “Gourdian Spirits Studio,”  is open by appointment most days of the week.  She is always excited to talk with art admirers about her work and enjoys creating that unique piece for a special patron or for a particular event.  Please call ahead.  You will enjoy a truly interesting and delightful art experience!