Gene Dieckhoner

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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Gene studied art throughout his school years and graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. After spending five years as a commercial artist in Los Angeles, he decided to focus his attention on the fine art field.

To bring an awareness of the world around us; to inspire appreciation of the vastness and diversity of this great land; to revel in the joy of life reflected in the serious and comic exploits of those creatures who share our planet; all these ambitions are represented in Gene’s paintings and sculptures. If you would just pause for a few seconds longer the next time you see a Cardinal resting on a branch, a coyote crossing the road, or a hawk riding his air currents, he would feel his art work had made a difference.

An admirer of the great illustrators and wildlife artists, Gene strives to achieve design, composition, and color in his paintings as well as accuracy of subject and scene. He achieves a wide range of emotions and moods by utilizing the subtle differences of oil, watercolor, and pencil.

Since leaving advertising to pursue a fine arts career, the success of his efforts have been proven by numerous awards for a variety of subjects and media. Noteworthy accomplishments and commissions include 60 drawings for the National Park Service Joshua Tree National Monument in California; over 150 drawings for the Los Angeles Times and Carte Blanche Magazine; a series of collector plates on vanishing animals; two series of plates for the Bradford Exchange; a series of puzzles for Bits and Pieces including Mystery, Wildlife, and Sherlock Holmes themes; various greeting cards for Leanin Tree Publishing Co., and a bas-relief sculptured horse, “A Walk On The Wild Side”, for The Trial Of The Painted Ponies which was displayed at the Arizona State Capitol.

Gene also recently worked for Fox Animation Studios in Phoenix, Az and contributed to a variety of projects including: Art Director on Adventures From The Book of Virtues, Sculpted maquette for Anastasia, Conceptual design and layout for Titan AE, Conceptual design for Ice Age.

Gene’s work is included in many museums, corporate and private collections throughout the United States and has been seen in numerous books and magazines. His work is currently on display at The Dieckhoner Gallery in Sedona, AZ, and Sanders Gallery in Tucson, AZ. He continues to sculpt and paint out of his home studio in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona; which he shares with his wife, Diana, their two cats, and Anya, his Siberian Huskie.