Gary Robertson

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The concept behind Gary Robertson’s art is to take “A New Look at the Old West”. Over the last century the subject of the American West captured the imagination and heart of many artists and art patrons. Painters, such as Moran, Remington, Dixon, Hurley, Mahaffey and Mell, all created exceptionally beautiful works.

To help update this tradition, Gary wants to bring new life to this popular, but aging movement. Interest in the American West is as strong as ever; however, he detects a desire by many, to see this subject portrayed differently…more up to date. He feels the old techniques and mediums are not that appealing or important to the emerging, younger patrons. They want something new and unique.

To achieve “A New Look..” Gary considers each subject as to how it should be illustrated, and in what medium the image would best be conveyed. He manipulates the tools of perspective, color, content, and viewing position to enhance the real essence of each subject, be it height, depth, mood, or atmosphere. He chooses mediums because of their effect on the subject being illustrated, not on historical precedent. As a result, oils, acrylics, watercolors and digital mediums are all considered equally. Gary has successfully illustrated a variety of subjects using this technique. His figurative, landscape, native American and abstract paintings have been well received, and hang in many homes and businesses throughout the Southwest.He is a third generation Arizonian, and comes from a family background of artists and graphic arts people. He studied at The Art Center School in Los Angeles and with The Famous Artist School in Connecticut. Gary also earned a Degree in Business from Arizona State University. His professional career consists of over 40 years in Art Direction.

Robertson’s artistic awards include winning juried events sponsored by General Motors, Famous Artist Schools, The Franklin Mint, ScholasticArt Magazine, and The Point of Purchase Institute of America. He has also won many state and local juried art shows.