Dominic Bourbeau

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My name is Dominic Bourbeau.  I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My adventure through art began when I was in high school, continued through college, and progressed through my years as working as a Surgical Technician.

I began painting religious icons, working with stained glass, throwing pottery, drawing portraits, and painting murals for Shakespearean stage sets. As time went on I developed a great appreciation for artists such as Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charley Harper. I was mesmerized by their use of simple yet bold design based on sophisticated yet minimalist geometry. Consequently with my past art experiences and my appreciation for these great artists, I developed my own unique style. I was able to pull from each of my past artistic experiences a segment of its beauty and technique: the geometry of iconography, the simple shapes of pottery, the puzzle-like composition of stained glass windows, the details of a portrait drawing, and the intensity especially in color of a mural painting.

My art now consists of gouache paint on canvas and reflects the Mid Century Modern design of the 1950s and 1960s. I suppose one could say it has a retro flair. My primary focus on each of my paintings is bold, vivid color, intense shapes, clean lines, and a touch of texture. I enjoy incorporating my retro cat design in many of my painting, but most of all enjoy creating my own rendition of mid-century architecture on canvas.