Darrell Thomas

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At the age of eight while in the third grade in a small town in northern Utah Darrell was told by his teacher that he should be an artist. Being a fairly obedient student he decided that's what he would do.

Between playing baseball, basketball, & football he worked on any of the art related committees in high school and was voted most talented in the school his sophomore, junior, & senior years.

Darrell attended Utah State University majoring in illustration with a minor in Spanish having lived two years in Mexico between his freshman and sophomore years.

After college Darrell worked as an illustrator/graphic designer in California and Utah for twenty years.

While illustration was a fun and rewarding career it became clear that it would be even more fun and rewarding to paint what you want to paint and hope people wanted to buy it.

In 1993 Darrell left the world of commercial art to become a fine artist. It has been a good decision Having won many awards throughout the years but more importantly building a list of clients and friends who give him the best compliment of all by taking home pieces of his art and making it a part of their lives.