Daniel Long

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Through painting, I want to give expression to my emotional experience of nature. Like some impressionist or cubist painters, I am more interested in capturing personal encounters with nature rather than merely representing it. I think that realism in art shows us a conscious look at reality and nature, as we would expect to see it.

I look at abstract art as a tool to unlock the mind, or the unconscious, to see something through color, line, and form that you would not expect to see in nature. These two forms of creativity, realism, and abstraction are constantly evolving and are constant evolution with the consciousness of society. Following this idea, I believe that we as a society are slowly tapping into the unconscious parts of the human psyche through the evolution of modern art. In my painting I am trying to convey this message in semi-abstract terms, showing bits and pieces of reality through fragmented composition. Working with cubism as a structured tool to format the picture composition, I take an unconscious approach by letting the brush move as it may, and then take an analytical approach to define what has been done. Through the unconscious I then continue to work these ideas simultaneously for the desired effect.