Dan Haygood

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Working in photography since he was a child in Scottsdale, Dan moved from second-hand store 620 camera boxes and folders, through pinholes and 35mm SLRs, and on to the fidelity and creative potential of the view camera over a decade ago.

The instruments, though, are only a means to capture an image; each tool—even digital—lends itself to some images, but might detract from others.  But certainly, a more versatile tool leads to more effective images.

Dan works across a wide field, from nature to architecture, from the portrait to the nude, from the aesthetic to the documentary.  The images may not explain, but he hopes they speak to, a greater picture than what might be conveyed in the images alone.

Daniel has been a member of a large format photography group led by Rod Klukas for the last 10 years.  The group meets at SCC weekly, discussing techniques and holding critiques with his peer photographers and the director. The group continually discusses the fine points of photography and the idiosyncrasies of the creative process and the potential of that combination.

For the past four years, along with his other photography, Dan has been working on a body of photographs documenting road side stands in the Midwest. His current focus is on fireworks stands and the celebration of America.  When completed, he will be publishing it as travelling show with an accompanying coffee table book.