Charles Taube

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Art is more than just a career for wood sculptor Charles Taube – in his case, a lifesaver. Using his own self-taught lamination, grinding, sanding and finishing techniques, he creates highly polished one-of-a-kind-original contemporary free-flowing 3-D sculptures out of various hardwoods.

In 1996 Charles, a professional carpenter/framer and Street Rod builder by trade, began his artistic exploration of wood movement when he was trying to design a wooden sculpture to honor the winner of Southwest Woodies 1st Annual Desert Gatherings Woodie Car Show:

Nine months after the Car Show, on August 28, 1997, Charles was critically injured in an accident that almost completely severed his left hand. Four years later after three surgeries, with almost no use of his left hand, he was left with a grim prognosis for recovery. He was left with the prospect of no job and a lifetime of pain and disability.

Charles’ circumstances threw into a life-threatening depression. Yet the creative spark that had been ignited at the car show remained. Over the course of the seven years after his accident, Charles forced himself to create several more Trophy Sculptures for his Car Show along with several more sculptures, which he kept for himself. With each sculpture the he created, he slowly gained more use and dexterity of his hand.

In 2008, the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery honored him with a three-week show in New York City. He was also one of twelve hand selected artists from across the United States by the NFL to participate in the 1st Annual 2008 VIP Super Bowl Tailgate Art Show.

Charles has been on a creative journey that would become a way of life for him. From that devastating experience, he found his purpose and calling in life – It’s his lifesaver.