Caroline Kwas

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"Nature can evoke intense emotions within us: awe, reverence, peace, fear, and more.  As a painter, I have always sought to capture the essence of a natural subject, whether it is a single polished stone on a beach, a golden fallen leaf, or the flowing lines of a mesa."

The abrupt departure from tight realistic painting to flowing abstraction is a creative watershed for Caroline Kwas. If you are familiar with her paintings of rocks and shells, her latest work is radically different from the "intimate landscapes" series inspired by her life in New England. The last few years spent traveling throughout the United States in "Bubbles", her RV, and spending winters in the Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona, have inspired this new path for her vision. Although realistically depicting her chosen subjects was fulfilling from a technical point of view in the past, she recently felt a need to convey her strong emotional connection to nature by adding a more personal voice to her art. Inspired by the brilliant sunsets and vast desert vistas, she explores abstraction of natural forms and revels in imagination: organic shapes flow across the canvas and colors sing. Her years of studying nature's chromatic harmony and intricacies have ripened into breathing, pulsating works that have a visceral appeal in which her vibrant colors dance together in billowing waves. This creative evolution reveals her versatility as a visual artist, and sweeps you along for the ride into her own vision of the world. To experience Caroline's abstract world is to experience a flight of fantasy into sensual joy.
Come take a joyride into the wildly colorful and energetic world of Caroline Kwas' paintings.