Anthony Barbano

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Anthony Barbano is the artist behind Barbano Glass. He specializes in fume glass, a contemporary glass blowing technique. Fume glass involves melting 24K gold and pure silver into glass.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Utah, Anthony traveled to Murano, Italy to further his glass education. Anthony walked in the footsteps of his Italian ancestors and met Murano glass masters. This exceptional experience forms his portfolio to the present day. Anthony Barbano integrates traditional techniques with modern materials and processes. The hard glass that comprises the Barbano Collection is ultra durable, melting at 6,000 degrees.

Anthony Barbano is inspired by natural elements, both representational and abstract. This is evident in the cosmic color arrangements and blooming flower pendants he creates. Every Barbano Glass design is a hand made, original work of art, designed with intention and precision, signed and dated for authenticity with titanium.The Barbano Glass collection is available at select galleries and fine Art Museum gift shops.