Ans Taylor

‘Delight is incomplete till it is expressed’ C.S. Lewis

I’m a figurative painter from Europe living in Arizona. The formidable landscapes of the Southwest provide an invigorating setting for my explorations. My favorite topic is ‘Encouters in the Wild’: while immersing myself in nature hiking and painting, the real highlights are experiences with my local protagonists, the critters that have made this wilderness their home. In my paintings the human part of these Encounters is engaged by my models.
I have always been intrigued by capturing the human face, character, pose, and interaction between people, or between people and animals. My paintings give me the opportunity to combine fascinating personalities with the amazing aspects of our Southwest surroundings.
I am using tools from my illustrative background, plein air painting, live model sessions and my own photo references to mingle the subjects of my desired compositions freely. My preferred medium is oil.
I am most happy when I’m surrounded by nature.  As a Christian I believe that behind the beauties in everyday life wait the profound truths that humans can’t exist without.