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Susan Rae Westover

As a psychologist, I helped others understand and value themselves; as an artist, I portray the complexities and humanity of my subjects. My goal is to create sculptures that evoke emotions from the observer.

Dancers combine form, power, balance, and beauty. I have done a series of dancers: dancing, putting on toe-shoes, walking.  The talented ballerina who serves as my model infuses my work with the dancers' elegance. I strive to duplicate the postures, grace, and beauty that dancers bring to our world.

Women have a variety of possible roles: parent, worker, spouse, source of emotional support. We work long hours creating a home and family center.  We balance jobs and family.  In my sculptures of women I endeavor to portray many of the facets of a woman’s world.

With regard to sculpture, I believe that form overpowers line.  To highlight this, I use surface texture to emphasize the underlying form.  I am more concerned with accurate form than with “expected” form.  When I sculpt a face, I try to capture every nuance of form in the lips, eyes, shape of eyelids, et cetera.  This gives my sculptures have an authentic and human quality.

Artists have a lot of choices in their work.  My work reflects my artistic choices: To model real people:  their character, their physical strength; their elegance and their beauty.