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Paula Haymond

Alchemy of Lost Language

I practice my alchemy with wood and metal seeking to recreate the imagery of ancient cultures. Through the use of patterns, I map out trails of color, texture and light in wood and brass.  Working with discarded brass musical instruments, I transform them from performance art objects into visual art. Using dyes, resin, dental burs, and hand tools, my incised and pierced patterns create paths marked by signs and symbols. I strive to go beyond the surface treatment of what you see, into the realm of imagined lost languages. My goal is for the viewer, piqued by curiosity, to walk these paths to find their own meaning in the symbols left along the way.

Haymond grew up in Indiana and attended Butler University, where she earned her Bachelors and Master’s degree in psychology and psychometric assessment. She later attended Indiana University, completing her Doctor of Education degree in counseling. In 1982, Haymond moved to Houston, Texas, as an administrator at a children’s hospital. She was licensed as a
psychologist in 1988, after which she went into private practice specializing in vocational rehabilitation and neuropsychological testing.

In 2010, Haymond began working full time as a wood sculptor, fulfilling a lifelong history of crafting and woodworking. Curiosity and drive for creating, led her to an artist in residence rotation at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in 2011. While at the center, she was accepted into membership at Archway Gallery, the oldest artist-owned and operated gallery in the country. Her accomplishments as a wood artists were rewarded in 2012, when two of her
vases were juried in by Catherine Anspon of PaperCity Magazine in the Houston Visual Arts Alliance 30th Juried Member Exhibition.

Since then, Haymond has continued to be acknowledged for her innovative and unique style of wood sculpture. Her work was featured on the front cover of April 2013 Woodturning
Magazine followed by full page photograph of her piece “Lost Language” in the December issue of American Association of Woodturners magazine. Haymond has been on the cover of the
Rancher Newspaper , and has conducted live demonstrations on the Debra Duncan Morning Show and the Sunday Morning News Hour on KPRC, Channel 2. She has enjoyed solo and group exhibitions at Archway Gallery as well as at Kam’s Chinese Restaurant and the Carl Jung Center of Houston. Haymond has demonstrated her methods of working with wood at the Gulf Coast Woodturners Association, Southwest Association of Woodturners regional symposium and
Virginia Woodturners Symposium.