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Pablo Milan

Pablo Milan is a recognized contemporary artist known for his powerful, brightly colored paintings.

The images of his southwest heritage explode onto the canvas with loose brushstrokes revealing expressionistic versions of warriors, dancers and horsemen riding across landscape. The artist is renowned for his variety of painting techniques utilizing acrylic blends with broad brush strokes and heavy texture to delicate washes and splatters all in union to produce his own unique style of contemporary art. 

Milan is a self taught artist who grew up fifth generation New Mexican. The subject matter of his art came from spending his early years observing the rich culture of the Four corners area of New Mexico. Milan is less interested in showing literal images as painting the expressionistic eminence of Native Americans and horsemen.

In the Air Force, Pablo was stationed in Tokyo, and in his off time studied under master artists where he learned a spontaneous approach to painting. A recognized Southwest contemporary artist, he owns his own gallery in Santa Fe and has exhibited in galleries throughout the Southwest, from New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas to Utah, Wyoming and California.

Pablo Milan, named Spanish Artist of 1997, currently resides in New Mexico. His art is in collections throughout the United States and the world.