Misty Soderberg

     I believe we are all born with certain aptitudes whether it is an inclination towards the arts, sciences, mathematics, etc.  This aptitude is then nurtured through environmental aspects, familial or other support, passion and interest. 

     I was born to be an artist.  My father is a sculptor and my involvement in the profession started from a very young age and continues today.  Through working with other artists on sculpture projects and laboring in bronze casting foundries, I've learned my craft, inside and out. I have attended both tent shows and gallery shows across the country with my father, showing alongside him as well as showing individually.  I have spent most of my lifetime invested in this profession.

     My sculpting method is like 3 dimensional sketching and that sketch is then refined until my inner voice says the sculpture is complete.  The versatility that oil based clay allows, to both add and subtract and experiment with textures, is why I love this medium.  Because of my background working in foundries, I can then oversee and participate in taking the clay sculpture through the lost wax process and into bronze.  I try to protect the integrity along the way so that the final bronze sculpture is as close to the original clay sculpture in execution as possible.

     I am trying to embody in my work a fusion of different styles ranging from classical figurative to contemporary, southwestern and art nouveau.  I do not want to be categorized in one particular genre and will continue to grow and explore different faucets in my chosen medium.  Most importantly I want to convey some depth of emotion that the viewer can feel without having to be told the intent behind the sculpture.

     As long as I am able, I will be a creator.  My passion and love for what I do will take me the distance and the nurturing and support of my family, friends and collectors will help me persevere.