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Lindsey Elizabeth Tull

Lindsey attended the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, online for animation, while simultaneously attending the University of Illinois for art education.  She has been artistic and into drawing and painting her whole life, but it was a still life painting class at AAU that really inspired her to take painting seriously. In 2007 she received her degree from the Academy of Art, and began her career in oil painting.

Since then, Lindsey has been juried into more than 40 different art fairs from Texas, to South Dakota, to Montauk NY and has also been fortunate enough to have her work represented by several galleries from Long Island NY to Champaign IL and has collectors all across the United States.

“My passion is capturing the beauty of the Midwestern landscape since that is where I grew up and what I have known my whole life, but I also enjoy painting still lifes and figures from time to time as well.  My goal when I sit down to paint is to be able to take the information from a scene or photo and use my creativity and imagination to interpret and record it in my own personal style on canvas.  I started out painting realism and have slowly over time continued to develop my style and become more impressionistic and much looser in the way I paint.  Incorporating palette knives, larger brushes, and using thicker paint application have all been techniques that have influenced my work and style.”