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Josh Clarno

Josh Clarno is a well loved contemporary artist, who was born in Wurzburg, Germany. He started out doing free lance graphic design for small businesses and local bands. Josh has been classically trained in art he has completed the Art Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute; he also is educated in computer photo imaging, computer illustration and fine art painting. Currently when he is not in his studio creating stunning mixed media paintings, he teaches painting techniques to people of all ages.

Josh makes art not only because he loves it, but also because creating art is a very spiritual experience. He shares this experience with the world through his painting. When he started learning oil painting he worked in the methods of the old masters. With time he found his voice in abstract paintings. He seemed to fine a new beautiful world.  One where you could see all living things in the true inner form. With exploring this beautiful abstract world of line, shape, and texture, Josh finds detailed colorful passages describing their story of life.