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My work reflects the spirit and richness of the Southwest, mystical and timeless. My bronzes depict Native American women and children.  At times I work directly in clay, using live models. My goal is to capture a strong likeness of the individual, adding my own creative vision of simplicity and elegance.My focus is to create a feeling of sensuous curves, intense emotions, clean lines, and strong forms. I enjoy the contrast of the representational and the abstract, the high polish and the applied patina. I feel my work represents an interesting and refreshing approach to creative work. When finishing the image, I incorporate stones, high polish lines, and beads to enhance my designs. I strive for a well designed image, full of graceful movement, soft curves, and massive presence, that the viewer will find pleasing and interesting.

My technique is the lost wax method. After the clay image is complete, rubber and plaster molds are formed. A wax reproduction is created by pouring hot wax into the rubber mold. After the clay is removed, the wax reproduction is cleaned and chased to remove any imperfections. It is then cut in half, each half is covered with ceramic clays. When hardened, the wax impression is burned out. After that the ceramic clay is hardened and empty, the molten bronze is poured into each half. Once cooled the ceramic clay is hammered off, the bronze halves are welded together. The image is then chased, patina applied, and high polished.