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Duca Tran

My granddad and my father were artists.  Through them and their friends I learned art and philosophy.  However, my mom wanted an engineer in our family, so I became an instructor at the University of Saigon, South Vietnam.  I taught Physics and Chemistry and went on to teach math at High School and College level in the United States.

When I am creating, I mix color in a similar way to the waves of light that mix on a television screen, or the lights of a rainbow after the rain.  I seek out the chemical formulas within the colors to aid in preventing a chemical reaction in my artwork, once they are exposed to the light and environment.

Although I’m a new artist in the United States, I’m a recognized one in Vietnam.

I feel comfortable with a variety of media and techniques:  watercolor, oil color, pencil, acrylic, pastel, sumi ink, etc;  as well as on silk paper, canvas, metal sheets, especially on silk and on silver or gold leaves under lacquer

Drawing is my need and a way to express my feelings with efforts to transfer them directly to viewers without communication by words.