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Donna Armstrong

Many of the techniques I use are a revival of ancient metal working processes; reticulation, fusing, and chain maille have been used throughout history. It is my intent to breathe new life into those processes and create a contemporary, wearable piece of art, a special piece of jewelry that is carefully crafted by human hands. I strive for designs that are influenced by other cultures and historical periods; fashion forward but classic, simple yet unique.

As a jewelry artist each piece I create is a part of me, but it also speaks to, and becomes, a part of the wearer, creating a connection that otherwise might not exist.  Those thoughts that I cannot put into words come to life in my jewelry,

I attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and obtained diplomas as a Graduate Gemologist, Colored Stones Graduate and Diamonds Graduate.  To further my knowledge and gain skill in manufacturing, I trained at a distinguished school of jewelry design and manufacturing, The Revere Academy in San Francisco, as well as at Farrin O’Conner in Pasadena and Precious Metal Arts in Santa Monica.