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Diana Gilmore

My mission is to create original, bold, hand-made jewelry that is both challenging and exciting to create, and admired by women who enjoy wearing a unique piece that starts conversations. 

An interest in fashion and fashion design lead to my creative home as a jewelry designer and fabricator. Fifteen years ago, while working in a business environment I started making collage pins from found objects to add interest to my tailored suits.  Later, to expand my skills, I took metal-working classes so that I could create a piece from beginning to end.

I constantly strive to make bold statements in metals and gemstones so that my current work has its beginnings with silver, gold, copper and bronze sheet.  These provide a sort of blank canvas from which to develop an original pendant, earrings or belt buckle. Each is an experiment in open space and solid construction to achieve harmony and balance in the resulting piece. Of course, a touch of whimsy is always a plus and I have found that price tags can result in a stunning necklace and that silver mayflies can fly up a neck wire reflecting their fossilized forebears in the a piece of sandstone that is its focus.

 I love working with items that either have their own story or suggest a tale that I invent myself.  My "Personal Totems" have evolved from this interest in telling a story.  These are made from the treasured bits and pieces that we keep for sentimental reasons and that can tell our personal stories in a pin or pendant to wear or an framed object to display.

Since I enjoy wearing multi-purpose pieces myself, I generally create them for my clients.  A handsome, colored stone on a pendant may have its story continued on the  reverse as a scene created in mixed metals so that the wearer can use both sides.  My favorite multi-use piece is having a necklace that on another occasion can be worn as a belt.

I find that the creative process is a journey, the experience of making one piece adds to the creation of the next.  Plus, there is always the excitement of stepping off the planned path to try something that is a stretch for me, whether it results in the hoped for result or not. The body of knowledge needed to create the desired “feel” of piece of jewelry offers endless avenues of learning, making the creation of that picture in my head an intellectual pursuit as well as a creative one, and providing continuing challenges and as well as great rewards.