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David Armstrong

David holds a BS Degree as well as a B-ARCH Degree in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in Mediation and Arbitration from the Pepperdine School of Law and has completed Graduate studies in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning.  He is a person who is always seeking more knowledge and how to apply it to his endeavors.
He has designed and built numerous unique architectural projects over the last 45 years. He has assisted many design professionals in resolving disputes or issues as they arise in their relationships.  Through these experiences he has begun to combine both design and communication skills into art. 

David has always created his own opportunities in business by being an independent entrepreneur seeking to follow the tried and true design/life axioms his predecessors inspired;  “Form follows function”, “The site dictates the design”, “Tell the story of the User through the design” , “Put yourself in their shoes”, “Understand your client”, “Listen” as well as many others.  

“As I have begun to focus solely on metal art instead of architectural and consulting endeavors, I realize more than ever how important it is to respect the challenges of my peers, as I transform a product such as plate steel into a desirable piece of furniture, wall art or sculpture. An artist in this genre must not let his artistic impulses outweigh the functionality or interpretation of the sculpture, nor should there ever be anything less than an ardent effort to truly maximize the teachings of our greatest designers and communicators.” David Armstrong - Artist

As his consulting career enters its final stages, David is passionate about his metal art, including furniture, sculptures and wall art as an outlet for his creativity and knowledge. His hope is to bring enjoyment of intriguing and positive art into the lives of the viewers and owners of his fine art.