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Angel Elquest

Angel Elquest was born in the furniture Capitol of the world High Point, NC. Her family designed and manufactured furniture for many years creating Angels awareness for the understanding of design, color and patterns. She has lived and worked on a tobacco farm, owned a lunch wagon, worked in a casino all the while art being her passion. Angels mother was an artist married to one of the real Hatfields as in the Hatfields and McCoys, now there's some color. Angel asked her Mom for her first set of real paints around the age of twelve and since then experiencing a never ending joy of creativity.

She has travelled extensively enjoying meeting people from different places and all walks of life. The desert and husband Super Dave won her heart. They now reside with their two four legged fur babies in Fountain Hills, AZ. Angel has always been inspired by the beauty that God has created all around us; the amazing sunsets, incredible blue oceans, beautiful people, blooming flowers of every shape and size, along with a great respect for the animals that roam so freely.

Angel is known for her ability to express complex emotion and contemplation through various forms and shapes in bright and bold colors. Described as 'fearless' by one of her instructors, she describes herself as a mixed media artist working with acrylics, collage, inks, spray paints and oils. Layering effects in her art are used to capture the viewers attention while expressing emotions that also represent all the many layers within ourselves. Angels mission is to share a smile from within through her interpretations of all surrounding beauty here and beyond by sharing her art from the heart.

Angel attended college at Glendale and Paradise Valley Community colleges. She has studied drawing and composition, art history, and life drawing. She also studied with a variety of accomplished artists and completed a Mastery Art program at the Milan Art Institute. Her patrons say that her art inspires deep feelings of beauty, happiness and spirituality. Angels award winning art is enhancing many homes and offices all across the country.

Art is my passion; my talent is a gift from God for which I dedicate myself to creatively share my emotions and interpretations through a variety of subjects. I believe in the ability to share our inner emotions through color and movement of beautiful brush strokes.